My personal story



Growing up in Germany as a black man was not always easy. Finding the right barber or care products turned out to be a bigger challenge in this country. On my early family trips to the United Kingdom or the States I found that the product variety they had to offer their black community was a lot richer and diversified than in Germany. Something I always found to be an unfair advantage these countries had to offer. That is why I decided to leave Germany and move to New York City – a place I believed to be the black Mecca for people of color and specifically Africans and their need for black people products and services.

After as little as 3 months in New York City, I noticed that living in the U.S. is not really what I anticipated it to be, so I moved back to Germany. Here, however, I again had to face the struggle of not having products and services designed for my complexion …


As any black German can tell you, finding the right products for your hair and skin can be a really daunting task in Germany.

Products that African stores in Germany sell tend to be displayed in an unappealing manner, overpriced for the quality or simply unavailable. You don’t get proper advise on what products to use and workers do not take the time to advise well on the products they have to offer, which further complicates the shopping experience.



Hence, I founded BLACK Beauty Supply – a beacon for my fellow German Africans with the mission to revolutionize the way black people in Germany shop their skin as well as hair care products. Thus changing the perception of people in this country about the black community. We now finally DO HAVE a place where we can shop OUR products designed to meet OUR complexion and individual needs.

No longer roaming around for the right product. From now on it is going to be high quality products only! Brought to you by the #1 Online Afroshop in this country.